Love and the Valley of Souls
(Let your Compass Be Your Love)

A Horizon Mystery-Thriller

Follow Victor Abraham and Kate Corrigan. As they face the unrelenting power of individuals and groups. And the unknown dangers in the remote monasteries, caves, and rivers of Kashmir. The question is: can they summon their strength, tenacity, and courage. To overcome the dark forces that threaten their lives and their future together.

Abraham quickly realized that the required distance between him and his client, Kate Corrigan, was starting to shrink. He kept thinking about what he felt when he touched her bare shoulder—a connection.

“I speak good English. You want to travel where?”

“Valley of Souls,” Abraham said.

The guide hesitated, rubbed the back of his neck. “Do you know the path?”

“I have a map.” He showed him the photo.

The guide shook his head from side to side. “Atisha uncertain about this way. This is not for man. Best left to the elements and the gods.”

“My destiny. I’ve been led to this land.”

“Not my karma. Yours.”

“Yes. I understand. But inwardly, I sense you are to fulfill your karmic destiny by guiding us to the Valley of Souls.”

“I see that you are a man unlike others. You speak from a higher perspective. This creates confidence, sir.”

“Each lifetime the wheel turns and opportunity becomes a gift. Atisha, I present you with that gift.

Atisha stood up and stretched his arms. He walked to a tree. A majestic tree. “This tree, very old. And it speaks to me. When I touch it, I will know.”

He closed his eyes and placed his right hand on the Tree of Truth. He waited for an answer…

A stunning mystery thriller that delivers a journey into a timeless region of the world—called Heaven on Earth.

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*Victor Abraham casually leaned back in his broken office chair, surveying this slim, very sexy blonde who entered his San Francisco office to the tinkling of the doorbell.… perhaps a new client with money, he thought, but sensed complications…dangerous complications.


*That night, Abraham and Kate walked the monastery grounds while the others slept. Holding hands, they promised to each other—Our fates are one. No matter the end.


*Am I describing something from another universe? Am I witnessing something that is supernatural? I believe so. Am I witnessing something that is truly from a place called the Valley of Souls? Is this mirror somehow a living presence? If so, then what is its purpose? Or is this mirror a source of unlimited energy, a gift to our dying world?