A Magi’s Destiny is an amazing novel and a good read

Its fast-paced action sweeps the reader
into an exciting journey to save the world

A MAGI’S DESTINY is a non-stop, page-turning mystery thriller. It’s packed with high adventure, suspense, puzzles, and plot twists. Experience edge-of-your-seat excitement across four continents.

Encounter danger in U.S., England, South Africa, and the Yucatan.

And gather insights. As you dive deep into wisdom and enigma with a compelling cast of characters.

Follow a compassionate doctor. And her infant daughter gifted in the ways of spirit. Follow a Magi Master. An event witness throughout time and history. Follow an Oxford University student in Ancient Languages. And a Hopi Indian Chief. As they all must work as a team to prevent the unthinkable. The end of Mother Earth.

Can their courage overcome the deadly forces pitted against them? In the final hours. With death coming from above and below the earth. Hopi seer Dr. Faith Roper, with her daughter Sasha, stand under a dark and fiery sky. The last chance for the world.

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  • Short, action-rich chapters for easy reading.
  • Provocative mini plots
  • Quick character and plot perspectives


“The forces of nature respond to a true heart.”
“Your life becomes incidental when the hour of turning is near.”