Alien Help: America's Last Hope

From deep space comes a Mother Ship from the planet Delphi. Its mission. To prevent a takeover of America and eventually earth itself by an alien predator.

America has crossed the Rubicon. It is descending into darkness.

Spiraling down … out of control …

The question is not whether Delphi can rescue America, but whether America can rescue itself—with help?

But there’s a problem. A big one. The Delphi Expeditionary leader Rum has been captured. His Scout Ship crashed near Area 51 …

“Here’s the long and short of it, General Drake. What you witnessed was not a miracle but alien technology. Centuries ahead of your weapon’s technology. But necessary in today’s galactic wars. I represent the planet Delphi. I’m here to help earth and specifically America to survive an alien takeover, which is pending at the moment.”

            “We can defend ourselves, Pol.”

            “Maybe, in the next two or three centuries. But not today. There isn’t one weapon you possess that will even function against Galxo’s technology. That’s the name of the planet that will take over America. They will annex it. It will be bloodless. Seven Days, that’s their timeframe or sooner.”

            General Drake was sipping his Jack Daniels, slowly.

            “I’m here to ask you to help us. America has to change, right now, if it expects to survive. It has to show that it’s the clear tentpole country for this planet.”

            General Drake took a deep breath. “Pol, that’s a lot to digest. It borders on panic of some sort.”

            “That’s because America is blind. Trapped in a hurricane of dysfunction. Many planets wake up after the fact. Then it’s too late. We see this all the time. What countries or planets don’t understand is the finality of it all. There’s no going back. We can help, but we also need you to help yourself, not tomorrow, but today.”