End of the World. What does it mean?

No planet earth?

Planet earth not habitable?

Planet earth barely habitable?

Answer: all the above.

Then there are the biblical prophecies.

For some, the prophecies mean something. For others, they mean nothing.

Most prophets of doom are like movie writers and producers. What will sell? Attract the most attention. Create chaos. And demand surrender to some group or person.

The message here is someone comes and saves the day. If you follow a certain path of belief. So, the scriptures say. So, the many preach. So, the many hope.

In A Magi’s Destiny what is the focus?

The novel is about humankind and its actions over the centuries, possibly resulting in the end of the world.

In the novel, this is symbolized in an especially unnecessary act of murder by a Spanish soldier in the 1500s.

Why a symbolic act?

Because how else would it be possible in a piece of fiction to recall and revisit the endless atrocities, war, starvation, and acts of destruction too numerous to mention. Civilizations rose and fell under the stars from the misty past, all vanishing like smoke in a storm.

Today? Who would turn back the world’s time clock?

Who would rescue Mother Earth?

Only those with no agendas. With nothing to gain. With hearts of thunder. And tenacity of spirit.

Who would oppose them?

The usual characters from the past that reenact their fears, desires, dreams, greed, and ignorance.

A Magi’s Destiny is a novel depicting those working to restore Mother Earth and those working to exploit it.

Fiction has a way presenting the impossible.

Yet inside fiction is truth.

And while searching in the warehouse of history, let’s make the novel interesting.

When Chief Dan and Faith returned to the village, he gave her a small Dream Catcher, whispering to her:

“To wear this is to be tune with the Great Spirit; to wear this is to have access to invisible knowledge.”

Without effort and creativity there is no redemption.

There! There’s the moonlit road upon the water. It shimmers.

 We’ve discovered the pyramid!” David cried out.

                        It was a celestial night.  

                        Liquid bright.



Alvarez, David, and Seth were momentarily transfixed … Using flashlights and hand shovels, it could be a long night.

When looking at history or ancient history it’s important to crawl into the mind of that time. That helps present a perspective for the reader. But even more than that. It presents a chance to see the events that influenced the future. At least some of the events. And, again, that’s where fiction enters. To help the reader feel the threats both past and present.

Oracles and prophecies suffused the writings of the past. Ruiz had studied them for years, examining each like a scientist, trying to determine hallucinations from reality. He’d studied the Old and New Testaments, but he’d also vigorously sought out the arcane, the forgotten, and the legends. Other Bible-like texts were also studied. He’d examined the lives of the desert and mountain prophets, the ones that wrote about the end of the world. His searches led him to contacts in Asia, Greece, and Egypt. His contacts in America were few, and he had difficulty understanding the American Indian cultures, but he knew there were truths in America, strange truths.

Yes. There are truths in America. And the Hopi Indians, in this novel, play a role in trying to save Mother Earth.